Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Lovely Way to Spend the Day

Today on TCM:

1) The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

2) The Maltese Falcon

3) Casa Blanca

If  “The Caine Mutiny” were to be shown, I could have frittered away almost the whole day.


TCM had a very nice tribute to those in the movies industry, from big name stars to those behind the cameras, who died this year. Very nicely done.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Situational Ethics

When Mr. Fixit was hospitalized back in October, he was transferred from one hospital to the other. We have received the bill from the second one he was in, and I have paid the bill in full  for our share of the costs.

The first hospital still hasn’t send us a bill, but I received a statement from our insurance carrier indicating that we owe a hefty amount for the amounts not covered. I have been holding my breath every day waiting for the mail. It’s like waiting for the other shoe to drop.

My ethical problem is this: I know I should call and ask about the bill, but I haven’t done it yet. Why? Because Christmas is almost here, and I needed the money that I know is due the hospital. I also have to pay the taxes on the house before Jan. 15 so that I won’t  incur penalties and interest on that amount.

So by a “sin of omission” I have not acted ethically, and my conscience  is hurting a little. The fact that I hope they don’t send a bill until January makes it seem even worse.

I guess my ethics are only important when my bank balance isn’t involved. That’s not a pleasant realization for me.


My conscience is now clear.

Today about an hour after I wrote the above post the mailperson delivered THE BILL. Yeah, I should have known better than to tempt Fate. Tempt Fate and get kicked in the butt. To add insult to injury, there was a snippy little note telling me the amount was past due, and it would soon be declared delinquent.

I'm going to write a pissy little note when I remit payment suggesting that if they want their money in a timely fashion, they should bill in a timely manner.

The town where the hospital is located is 15 miles away from our home. The statement was dated Dec. 19; I received it today, the 23rd. That four days from their accounts receivable office to my home. I wonder how long it lay on someone's desk or in their mailroom.

Bah, Humbug! My seasonal depression is alive and well and giving rise to my righteous indignation. It's part of my own particular Christmas tradition.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Snotty R Us

Overheard while I was shopping at the well-known toy store.

Customer to Snotty R Us employee: “I’m looking for a small remote control car. . .” (She gave a complete description of the toy.) “Do you know the name of it?”

Snotty R Us employee: “I can’t remember all the names of the toys in this store.”

Thursday, December 1, 2011

An Open Letter to Sears, Penny’s, Walmart, etc. WISE UP!

One in eight people in the US are over the age of 65. According to the Census Bureau, it’s the largest age group of the population. One in eight means there are more than 40 million of us, and the segment is growing by leaps and bounds.

Let’s assume that half of that population is female. Since women statistically live longer than men, there are probably more women than men in our age group.

Twenty million consumers—that seems to be a  market that could be tapped to produce significant profit for the American retailer. I realize that not all of us elder women have the same criteria as I when shopping. Still, I'm sure that there is a large portion of us who don't want to dress like teen-agers.

The other day I was shopping for jeans. I’ve lost a few pounds and all my jeans are baggy in the seat and legs. Being  full-figured (that’s a euphemism for that ugly three-letter “F” word), I wanted jeans that rose to my natural waist. I wanted an elastic waist. At this stage of my life, comfort is important. I don’t wear stilettos any longer, and I want to have a little wiggle room in my pants when bending over. I also refuse to pay more than $35.00 for one pair of jeans.

I usually buy my jeans at J. C. Penny’s or Sears. Both stores carried the jeans I wanted. It seems they no longer provide comfortable jeans for those of us who won’t, or can’t, wear hip-huggers. (Are they still called “hip huggers?) I am so pissed! No more granny jeans?! What in the world are we grannies supposed to wear?

Another thing—could someone (Sears, Penny’s and Walmart) please offer blouses with one more button on the upper portion of the front. I’m tired of having to hunt for safety pins because most blouses (shirts) show way too much skin. I am by nature a modest person. I don’t care to have people looking down the front of my shirts when emptying my grocery cart. I don’t suppose anyone really wants to look either. At 66 years of age, my cleavage ain’t what it used to be. It’s sort of like a traffic accident—you just have to look.

So Sears, J.C. Penny’s, Walmart, Target, take a look at the demographics. It’s time to consider the elder consumers and give us practical, reasonably priced clothing. You could be missing out on outrageous monetary gain. If you won’t offer products we need out of the goodness of your hearts, then fall back on your greed and avarice. We seniors have to spend money, too, you know.