Friday, December 23, 2016

Good News, Bad News (Again)

Mr. Fixit had an appointment with the oncologist Tuesday. The good news is that the nodules in his lungs showed no change and one even decreased in size. The bad news is that the new scan found two "somethings" in his liver. The scan made for the prior visit showed the two "somethings" in the liver and one in his remaining kidney. The doctor was not concerned. This latest scan show the two liver somethings has increased in size. He didn't mention the kidney. I'm not even sure the scan included the kidney. The result is that he is scheduled for an MRI in early January. They will be able to see exactly what the somethings are. If need be, they will be biopsied. If they are malignant, they will be burned out with microwaves.

Mr. Fixit's new family physician also referred him to a nephrologist because his kidney function numbers were a little high. New tests were run and the numbers were down. He has an appointment for tests later in January to be sure nothing is going on. Maybe it will show what the "something" in his kidney is.

Mr. Fixit, of course, is quite depressed. It doesn't help that he has a bad cold and feel terrible. Me? I'm scared spitless.

I had a feeling that this doctor's visit was not going to go well. It's the season. We have been married for over 50 years, and it seems that something always happens during the holidays to cause problems. When we were young, it was usually car trouble or major household problems. One year we went to see the Boston Pops orchestra perform in Hartford, Ct.
It was wonderful! After the concert, our new car wouldn't start, and it had to be towed home. The last few years it has been problems with Mr. Fixit's health. I lived through all those minor problems. This one? My heart is breaking.