Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Good News/Bad News

Mr. Fixit received the results of his latest scan after having been off the oral chemo meds last week. There was good news and bad news. The bad new is that the nodules grew; the good news is that they didn't grow that much--only millimeters. The doctor gave him a choice, go back on the meds or wait for another 3 months and another scan. The doctor said that he would recommend waiting for the next scan. Mr. Fixit decided to forego the medication for now because of the side effects. I really wanted him to start the meds again. I told him that the mild (as opposed to the symptoms some patients have) side effects are better than dying. It was his decision, however. I hope he doesn't regret this plan. It's very worrying for me.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Winter Has Went. . .

And Spring has sprung. The weather for the last few days has been nice. It was pretty cold at the first of the school baseball games, but last night I wore a hoody instead of a heavy jacket; it kept me warm enough. Both Noah and Owen are playing this year. Noah is on the JV squad and Owen in on the C team. Owen is in 7th grade. Levi’s rec league will start pretty soon.

The buttercups have bloomed and the forsythia is yellow. The tulips trees are gorgeous, and the redbuds are pink. Pretty soon the trees will begin to leaf, and I will be moaning about the heat.

Mr. Fixit is doing quite well. He has a scan in a week or so to check to see if there has been any changes since he went off the oral chemo medication. He has been working a lot for both sons, so I guess he’s feeling okay.

I have been walking almost every day and watching my carb intake. My weight just won’t drop and more. I’m so frustrated. I decided to go off the extreme low carb diet a few days ago. I haven’t been feeling too well. My energy level is down; just walking wears me out. I’ve been having some horrendous leg cramps at night, not the usual cramp in the calf muscle. These start at my ankle and hurt all the way to my waist. I thought maybe the diet was the problem. I began eating a more normal menu, but with a low caloric count. I gained two pounds in two days, but I felt much better. Back to only a few carbs again.

I haven’t been posting much lately (that low energy level), and I’ve missed the opportunity to “comment” on the political news. The choice of Republican wannabees is scary. Mr. Fixit and I went to vote in the Democratic primary. He had a little problem with the ballot. I ask the “watcher” if I could help him. She said it would be okay. I had to laugh. We voted for different candidates. That’s not so surprising I suppose. Even after 50 years of marriage, we still disagree on most subjects.

Since I haven't been feeling great, I have been reading, reading, and reading some more. I have also make a baby quilt, and knitted more mittens and hats that I'll ever need. I've also done a bit of cross stitching. I've been doing a lot of things that allows me to sit in my chair for hours on end. It's not wonder that I can gain two pounds in one day. According to my Fitbit thingy, I am using more calories that I am taking in. I should be losing weight, darn it!

This is the newest member of the Fixit family. Her name is That's Not my Cat. It's sort of a long story. She showed up at our house with only half a tail, a severe sneezing problem, and she was so skinny. She went to the house of the other cat lady in the neighborhood. WHen the other cat lady remarried and moved away, the cat came back to our house. I think she was abandoned and then hit by a car. I didn't want another pet, but she was so needy, I couldn't turn her away. She won't use a litter box so she has spent the winter in the garage. I won't tell you amount of money we have spent on kerosene. (The garage isn't heated.) She is now fat and sassy, and she's so affectionate. In fact, she thinks she's a dog. She will stay when I tell her to stay so we can drive out of of the driveway. She's very smart.

This picture makes it seem as if she only has three legs, but she does have four. Note the half tail.
This is Mr. Fixit and the cat. They have the same expression on their faces!

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