Sunday, October 1, 2017

A Two-Parter

Part 1 - Current Events in the Fixit Household

After Mr. Fixit's latest scans, a "few" new nodules were found in his lungs. They are very small, but the doctor advised starting a new course of treatment--immunotherapy. This therapy ramps up his immune system to fight the cancer rather than introducing chemicals to kill the cancer. It is supposed to have fewer side effects than chemo, and the treatments are scheduled every other week for only 30 minutes of intravenous infusion. I just hope that it works with few side effects and that we can afford the treatments. That's Mr. Fixit talking. I told him that if we had to sell the house and live in the car, that's what we'll do.

During the visit to discuss his scans, the doctor said that his liver looked okay after the procedure was done a few months ago, but he said the "liver guy" might want to do an MRI instead of just relying on the CT scans. I got a call saying that he should have the MRI. I was a little upset. I thought if he wanted to the the MRI things weren't as good as the "lung guy" seem to think. Our son, who was with us for the consultation, didn't seem to think there was anything to be worried about. He goes for the MRI this coming week.

I wonder why these anomalies are referred to as nodules instead of tumors. Not once since he was diagnosed has anyone said the word "tumor." Is there a difference? Is it possible that not all of these nodules are cancerous, therefore, not tumors? Are they just using "nodules" because it a little less scary than "tumors?"Every time we go to a consultation I want to ask the doctor the question, but I'm a little leery of hearing the answer.

Our weather has taken a turn for the better. The highs for today is predicted to be in the low 70's. Glorious!

Part 2 - On My Soapbox Again

With all the disturbing (to me, at least) events happening in our country, two things have happened that are truly shameful in my opinion. The worst is this country's highest elected official being absolutely rude, crude, and uncaring about the plight of the citizens in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. His attack on the mayor of San Juan was savage and uncalled for. I sincerely believe that the man has no empathy. How can anyone support his rhetoric? Shame on you, Mr. Highest Elected Official.

The first lady sent books to schools to encourage reading for young students. One (dare I say it? yes, I dare) snooty Cambridge elementary school librarian rejected the gift and was rude and condescending. Perhaps the books selected may not be age appropriate for children in the first grade, but younger children love these books. Dr. Seuss racist? I don't think so. Cliche? Tired? Is this librarian out of touch with reality? Why did she have to be so impolite? I was taught that when you receive a gift you smile, say thank you, and accept it graciously even if it isn't something you really like or want. Then you re-gift if you feel you must, lol. I am sure that are many children who would love to receive a book or just to have access to a book. This librarian may not agree with the highest elected official in this country, but it is inexcusable to sink to his level (and that's exactly what she did) and attack the first lady for trying to do a good thing.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

When Irma hit us, it had been down-graded to a tropical depression. The forecast called for several inches of rain and sustained winds of 15 to 20 mph with gusts reaching 55 miles per hour. We live about 5 hours from the South Carolina coast and about 9 hours from Tampa, Florida, and there was wind damage in our area.The following pix show the aftermath for us. All of this came from one oak tree. The last picture shows how "de-limbed" it is now.

First my DIL and two grandchildren came armed with a chain saw, muscle, and youth. My DIL wielded that chain saw like a pro. The children, Bella, 15, and Levi, our youngest grandson, dragged smaller limbs and transported the heavy branches. They worked so hard. Ben, our older son, took time off from his job to come and help. Our neighbor across the street brought his chain saw, and his wife helped to throw the mess into the ditch in front of the house. Mike had our chain saw. The whole mess was cleaned up and stacked in the ditch in about 3 1/2 hours awaiting the city to pick it up. We may have to wait a while, but that's okay. This is how the pile looked after being cut into manageable pieces.

We didn't know that the family was coming. Mike and I were just waiting for the rain to stop before we went out to work on it. His chain saw is a small electric one and I was afraid he would be electrocuted. We are so appreciative for all their help.

Another neighbor wasn't as lucky as we were. A tree in her yard uprooted and hit her house. There was some damage. It just hit the corner.

I feel so fortunate after seeing the damage in Texas and Florida. I can't imagine what those people who tried riding out the storms went through. Those 55 mph winds we experienced were scary. I just can't imagine what 150 mph winds must feel.

(Click on individual photos to enlarge.)

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Eclipse Mania

We are located almost dead center of the total eclipse path. We waited too long to get the glasses, so I made a viewer from a shoe box. Mr. Fixit is working on his now. I remember a few years ago, there was another solar eclipse, but it wasn't total. Jason was still in middle school. We used two sheets of paper. One with the small hole, and one behind that one was our viewing "screen." It worked quite well.

I'm looking forward to watching the progress of the moon blocking the sun, but I'm very eager to see and experience the darkness. I hope it's as spectacular as in the movie, "Ladyhawke," when the spell is broken and the hawk becomes a woman again. It's weird how I relate things to movies. I don't really expect to have an evil spell removed and turn into Michelle Pfieffer, dammit!

Now if I could only see the Perseid meteor shower. . . I missed it again this year. I would settle for seeing just a few "shooting stars" at the same time instead of a full-fledged shower.

Note: People are renting their homes for tons of money to visitors who have come to see the total eclipse, and motels and hotels are fully booked and are tripling their prices. Money, money, money.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Tuesday, A Good Day

With the world situation the way it is and Mr. Fixit's health problems, I just haven't been able to post in the last few months. Last Tuesday I had another unpleasant chore to attend to--a financial mess with Mr. Fixit's medical bills. The short story is I wrote a $2000.00+ check back in March, and I couldn't find where that money was credited.It was for the newest procedure Mr. Fixit had done to treat a new cancer that was found in his liver. (He's doing well. It looks as if the treatment worked.) I was receiving bills that should have been paid with that check. I did have a copy of the cancelled check. I was dreading going to the hospital business office to discuss the matter. I had a feeling that it would turn out that I still owed a bundle. After speaking with two people and driving all over Greenville, I found a very nice lady who took all the paper work I had and listened (yes, actually listened) to my request to trace that check. On the way home, I received a call from her and she said that the check would be credited to my statement I had been receiving as due and owing and is now, therefore, at a zero balance. She further stated that I will be receiving a check soon for almost $700.00 as a refund. Yipee! But, of course, I will be holding my breath for a few billing cycles before I'll rest easy.

We stopped on the way home for lunch. I noticed a man in the restaurant with a very frail, older lady in a wheel chair. His actions with her touched me. I was close to tears. The man was probably in his late 50's or early 60's. He fed her patiently, he patted her hand, and caressed her face several times. Throughout the whole meal, he talked to her. He smiled and carried on what seemed to be a most enjoyable, lively conversation. I never saw her respond in any way. It was wonderful so see. I know it seems like I was staring, but I was so impressed with this man. I don't know if he was a son or a caregiver, but he treated his lady with such love and respect. It melted my heart.