Saturday, November 22, 2014

Netflix—Further Cuts to Service?

Some years ago Netflix pulled a fast one on their customers. They changed their DVD and Streaming services to separate entities. That meant we no longer were able to stream and receive DVD’s at the same time. They lost tons of customers. We stayed the course.

Now I think they are screwing around with the service again. Our plan allows us one DVD at a time with no limitation on the number of disks we receive during the billing period. Since we live close to a distribution center, I could get as many as three disks a week. I would return one, they received it the next day, and mailed a new selection that same day.  The new selection would arrive the next day. Our mail comes early in the day so we are able to watch the movie in the morning and return it the same day.  In all the years we have been members of Netflix the items I mailed were received the next day. This cycle ran six days a week thereby allowing us to receive three movies a week. Of course, there are times when we only get one or two a week because of a delay in our watching.

Some weeks ago, I learned from news reports that the company was no longer going to ship on Saturdays. Okay, that is no problem for me. I can conceivably receive my three disks a week with this plan.

I have noticed that they seem to have slowed their service further with no notification that I have seen. For the last few weeks, the last DVD, the one that should have been mailed from them Friday to arrive here on Saturday, is delayed. The first time I thought maybe it was a problem with the post office, though unlike some people, I find the post office is generally efficient and reliable. I see now that a pattern has developed. We are only receiving two movies a week for the same cost, and my account states that there is no limit to the number of movies we can get during the month.

I wonder if other people have noticed a slow- down or is this just the South Carolina distribution center. They may be losing another customer soon. It’s not the number of movies, it’s the principle of the thing, as they say. I’m p.o.ed. If I fulfill my part of the contract (paying monthly in a timely manner), the corporation should fulfill their part, too, with no new hidden limitations.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Good Riddance

This morning as I was preparing the stock for chicken noodle soup, it occurred to me that another item has disappeared from our lives just like those little triangular car windows have disappeared. An item that was both a time saver and the bane of my existence—onion skin paper. (I was peeling an chopping onions at the time this thought occurred.)

When I was a secretary personal assistant in a law office, every document I typed had to have at least two duplicates. Oh, how I hated that carbon paper and that flimsy onion skin. We went through it very quickly. It was so messy, and if you made a typo, every copy had to be corrected.

While I was still working, improvements were happening. Invoices came with in sets with snap-out  carbon copies, but they couldn’t be corrected easily. Then came the carbon paper-less sets. They were better than carbon paper and onion skin. Then came cheaper copy machines--type a document and copy the original for  the file copy. Heaven!

Now I suppose that copies are filed by hitting the save button with no paper involved.

While I do lament the loss of those little car windows, I don’t mourn the passing of carbon paper and onion skin even though I no longer work outside the home.

(Good grief! As I was proofing this post, I realize that I just keep getting goofier and goofier all the time. Who thinks about carbon paper and onion skin except me?)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Around Chez Fixit

The day before yesterday I decided that we had to take steps regarding the poor little ugly cat that has insinuated itself into our lives.

Instead of continuing to cook chicken for it, I bought some cat food, both canned and dry. (It wouldn’t eat the dry; I think there is a problem with it’s mouth.) I also called the local SPCA to see if they could take it. They have the maximum number of cats and won’t accept any for a while. I went to my vet’s office. The lady there gave me some numbers for a couple of “no-kill” shelters but explained that no one would take it unless it has been tested for feline leukemia.

I had to decide what to do and make the decision ASAP. There is cold weather headed this way, and I don’t think the poor little thing could survive it. I called to make the appointment for the test. I was to bring it in the next day.

Yesterday was the first day since it has been around that it didn’t come for breakfast. As a matter of fact, it didn’t show up all day or this morning. I guess something has happened to it. If it had lasted one more day, it would have had a forever  inside home. Mr. Fixit and I are both a little sad.

Speaking of cold weather, Owen has another soccer game tonight. I think this is the last one. It’s a good thing. It was so cold on that wide-open field Tuesday evening. It supposed to be even colder tonight, but I’m going prepared with layered clothing and blankets.

This past summer I hobbled around because of my knees. After a week or so of limited activity, they felt better. Then a few weeks ago I developed a pain in my heal and bottom of my foot. I consulted Web MD and found the problem is probably plantar fasciitis. That’s an inflammation of the plantar fascia in the bottom of the foot. It hurts like the devil. Luckily, the article suggested taking an NSAID for the inflammation and some exercises to help. I began taking regular aspirin as the NSAID. The problem is they didn’t mention dosage. I’ve been taking two tablets two or three times a day. It’s finally beginning to work. Yesterday I went shopping without having to leave before I was finished. It’s still hurts a bit, but nothing compared to what it was before. Thank Heaven for Web MD!

I really need to be back to normal soon. I need to start walking again. While my glucose levels remain very low and I have decreased the amount of insulin, I’m not losing weight. I need to get moving!


Mr. Fixit Update:

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Some Loud Kids Are Okay

Yesterday while grocery shopping, I heard from what seemed to a few aisles from me the very loud voice of a little boy. He wasn’t throwing a fit nor was he crying. In fact, he sounded quite happy. It wasn’t that annoying either. He was just loud. I thought, “That poor mother. I wonder if he’s loud all the time.” I then noticed a mother with one child in the basket and what looked like a four year old boy walking beside the basket. The little guy was still talking, LOUD. It seemed to be just a little boy conversation. The mother said, “Will you please stop talking?” She was using her outdoor voice, but she didn’t seem to be angry. I think she was just trying to get a word in edgewise. It seems they are just a garrulous, LOUD family.


Note: Update on Mr. Fixit’s health posted: