Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gone Bit Not Forgotten

Yesterday was the anniversary of my mother’s birth. She was born 92 years ago.

I thought about her a lot yesterday. It occurred to me this morning that I may be the only person on the planet who remembered her birthday. Her mother and father have been gone for many years, I’m the last of our immediate family, and I’m sure that no one on my father’s side of the family would remember it even if they survive. Her sister may still be alive. I haven’t heard of her demise, but then I don’t think any of my mother’s nieces or nephews would have let me know if their mother had died.

It’s a little sad to think that there comes a time when you are totally forgotten. As sure as death comes, so does that time come when average people are forgotten.

As long as I live, she will be remembered.

Monday, January 14, 2013

I’m Sick! Sniff, Sniff, Cough, Cough

It could be the flu I suppose, but I don’t have the usual flu symptons—no fever, no vomiting, or other disgusting symptoms that mean you have the flu.

I think it’s really just a super bad cold. It started with the mother of all sore throats and the coughing that made my throat feel like I had gargled with Drano. My headache is not much fun either.

Mr. Fixit told one of our boys that I may have the flu. He advised Mr. Fixit that we should be careful because the flu is very dangerous for the “elderly.” That just sort of slipped out when Mr. Fixit was relaying the caution to me.  I refer to myself as “old.” “Elderly” is even older than “old.” I bet he doesn’t refer to me as “elderly” again, teehee. When I don’t feel well, I get a little testy.

I tried to explain to Mr. Fixit that since I haven’t had fever I don’t have the flu. He decided that he would check it for himself. Of course, he couldn’t find a thermometer. There is an old oral mercury one around somewhere but it is probably hiding with the socks that disappear from the dryer. Anyway, he bought a digital one. I tried it and it registered 95.6 F. No fever! Hey! Wait a sec. 95.6? If Doc Robbins from CSI LV or Ducky saw that they would agree that I have been dead for at least 2 hours. My  gosh! With the petechiae in and around my eyes from strenuous coughing, Mr. Fixit could be arrested for murder if I should happen to croak.

I have been taking several naps a day. There is a dire side effect to several naps a day—terminal bedhead. Lifting a comb is just beyond me at this point.

This morning I had to suck it up and do some things around the house. My underwear drawer was almost empty, I used the last of my frozen biscuits yesterday for breakfast, and I think clean sheets will make me feel better. I’ve done laundry, made one batch of biscuits that will last 3 or 4 days, the sheets are in the washer as I write, and Mr. Fixit had a decent breakfast for the first time in several days. Now I have to do something about food for the rest of the day. I’m getting a little tired of bologna sandwiches, and I’m running out of bread. Mr. Fixit has made do with KFC, but I think he ate the last of it last night.

I haven’t felt like reading, working on my needlework, or watching TV. If I’m going to be sick, I would like to feel well enough to enjoy it.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Mr. Fixit Was a Hit

Bella’s fifth grade class is studying immigration, and she asked that Mr. Fixit (Boopah, as he is called by her and her brothers) come to school with a presentation concerning the country he where he was born and his immigration to this country. I went along to serve as Mr. Fixit’s aide. You’ve heard of seeing eye dogs? I’m Mr. Fixit’s hearing ear wife. Since he hearing isn’t the best he sometimes needs me to repeat what he doesn’t hear and doesn’t completely understand.

Bella was so poised and confident during her introduction of Boopah to  her class. She said, in part, “This is Boopah and he’s going to talk to us about. . .” I was so proud of her. She also passed around some currency and the tropical fruit that we took as examples of what the people in South America eat. She’s quite the little hostess.

The children were wonderful. They listened and asked questions politely. Some of the boys came over to me after the presentation and asked me questions.

As a closing, Mr. Fixit mentioned that he had been stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and that was a very important fact because “that’s where he met his lady (me).” A collective “Aw-w-w” rose. More than one young person said, “Isn’t that sweet? He called her his lady.” Then Mr. Fixit said that our 47th anniversary was soon. On the way out one of the boys came over and said “Happy Anniversary!” to me. Now, how sweet is that?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

No Free Lunch

For those who think seniors have it made, consider this. The pharmacy called me yesterday to tell me one of my prescriptions was ready and the cost would be $234. I was a bit shocked because I usually pay $45. After thinking about it, we decided that we must have a Medicare plan which has a deductible. Okay, I pay the $234. On the way home, I was trying to decide how to stretch a dollar a little more because of this unexpected expense. It occurred to me that that the house taxes that are due before the 15th of this month are less than the $234 that I paid for a one month supply of that one medicine. Thank heaven for the homestead exemption on our home and the property tax break that seniors are given. And I'm also thankful that I have now fulfilled my deductible for the year on that one purchase.