Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another Sign of Aging

One more subtle sign of aging may be when you go to the drive-thru and direct your lunch order to the trash receptacle instead of the intercom.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring is Here! (Not)

The forecast low tonight is 33 degrees. I spoke too soon on April 6. Darn it!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Too Little Credit Given

One of my favorite genres of movies is film noir. Netflix has quite a number of them. Yesterday I was watching one I had never seen before—a 1948 production. It didn’t rank up there with “The Maltese Falcon,” but I enjoyed it.

As I was watching, I took note of three of the actors. I’ve seen all three in many, many films and on tons of television shows. What was a little surprising was that I had no idea what their names were. If you are of my generation, you probably recognize the faces; do you know the names?


griffithwalter sande

From the top: Robert Paige, James Griffith, and Walter Sande.

I did a little research on IMDB (the movie data base site) and found that they all had impressive credits by virtue of the number of roles they had played. They were never big name stars, but were character actors in secondary parts. They seem to be hard-working actors who never received acclaim or awards, but they were essential to the films.

I would really like to know if they led good lives. Did they make a good living? Were they happy doing character parts?  Did they yearn for starring roles? Did they die knowing that some of us recognize they were very talented? I hope so.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Owen and some classmates competed in a school science fair and advanced through several levels and were invited to Detroit, Michigan, to participate in a big science fair.

As they were sight-seeing, they met this street performer. And, of course, this is Owen doing what he loves best. The music that you hear is from another street musician, and the voice is my DIL who accompanied the students on the trip. He is completely oblivious to the people on the street and the people in the passage-way overhead watching. As we say, this is so Owen. The street performer was such a good sport.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Is Here

Flowers are blooming, the Bradford pear trees have flowered and turned green. The dogwoods are showing their stuff, and we actually attended games this weekend without winter coats, mittens, and earmuffs being necessary. The yellow bellied sapsucker has returned.

The world is yellow,
4-6-14 001
4-6-14 002
and my nose is red and runny.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Side Effects

Mr. Fixit has discovered the perfect excuse for any number of situations since he has been on the medication for his health issue.

Me: “You’ve been eating like you have an empty leg lately. Why do you think that’s happening?”

Him: “I think it’s a side effect of the medication.”

Me: “Aren’t you a busy little bee this morning!”

Him: “I think it must be the medication giving me all this energy.”

Me: “Wow, you’re a little grumpy this morning.”

Him: “I think it must be the medication.”

Me: “Do you think you could drive a little slower?”

Him: “That medication makes me drive fast.”